Sep 2019 – Present

Director - Cyber Threat Operations

PwC (UK)

Technical & operational director in a busy team covering Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and Managed Services.
Apr 2014 – Aug 2019

Regional Head of Incident Response & Threat Intelligence

NCC Group

Responsible for leading a team of cyber security specialists, providing incident response & threat intelligence services to clients.
Aug 2005 – Apr 2014
London, UK

Cyber Security Specialist

UK Government

Various roles, including technical research, vulnerability management, and incident response for the Critical National Infrastructure.

Recent Publications

This technical note discusses a relatively undocumented implant used by the APT10 group. This is named “Red Leaves” after …

This technical note discusses a version of Sakula uploaded to VirusTotal on the 25th April 2016. The sample initially looked …

This whitepaper looks at ransomware and the impact, evolution and defensive strategies that can be employed by organisations.

While …

In March Microsoft published security advisory 2953095, detailing a remote code execution vulnerability in multiple versions of …

Recent Posts

I have updated my GPG key, revoking ID 0x35076cbaa663a704 and replacing it with 0x57974c5b48a00d9b (find it on keyservers).

In a waiting room this week I opened a newspaper to find the following puzzle, named “Suko” (a trademark of Puzzler).

During the recent site cleanup I decided to disable comments and remove (most) previous comments from the site. This post explains my reasoning.

I’ve given this site a long overdue tidy, finally moving away from Wordpress to a static site.

This post is entirely based on my opinions. If you don’t want to read a post about my opinions there are plenty of excellent videos on YouTube. You have been warned.



Kart Timing Mk1

A basic kart timing system, built from scratch

PCB0001 - 18F breakout

A PIC 18F breakout board, suitable for prototyping

PCB0003 - Breadboard supply

A 5v / 3.3v breadboard power supply circuit

PCB0006 - RFM12 breakout

A breakout for the popular RFM12 radio module

PCB0002 - LED matrix

A simple 8x8 LED matrix, with a cute ghost :)

Eagle library

Some useful components for Cadsoft Eagle

GNU Screen Config

A tabbed setup for screen (archived content)

Nautical signal flags

Free flags for use in projects (SVG / PNG / ICO formats available)

VB6 RichTextBox control

Extending VB6 controls with the Win32 API (archived content)

VB6 reverse DNS

Obtaining PTR records using Visual Basic 6 (archived content)

MOTD maker

Easily create coloured MOTD messages (archived content)

ROT Util

The Caesar cipher in a simple Windows GUI (archived content)