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David Cannings

Cyber Security


This is the personal webpage of David Cannings. I work in IT security, my hobbies are varied and include coding, reverse engineering, playing the drums, board games and electronics.

The site is updated very infrequently, most technical work is now done for my current employer.

All opinions stated on this site are my own.

  • Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Reverse Engineering


PwC (UK)
Director - Cyber Threat Operations
September 2019 – Present UK
Technical & operational director in a busy team covering Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and Managed Services.
NCC Group
Regional Head of Incident Response & Threat Intelligence
May 2014 – August 2019 UK
Responsible for leading a team of cyber security specialists, providing incident response & threat intelligence services to clients.
UK Government
Cyber Security Specialist
UK Government
August 2005 – April 2014 UK
Various roles, including technical research, vulnerability management, and incident response for the Critical National Infrastructure.


Kart Timing Mk1
A basic kart timing system, built from scratch
PCB0001 - 18F breakout
A PIC 18F breakout board, suitable for prototyping
PCB0003 - Breadboard supply
A 5v / 3.3v breadboard power supply circuit
PCB0006 - RFM12 breakout
A breakout for the popular RFM12 radio module
PCB0002 - LED matrix
A simple 8x8 LED matrix, with a cute ghost :)
Eagle library
Some useful components for Cadsoft Eagle
GNU Screen Config
A tabbed setup for screen (archived content)
Nautical signal flags
Free flags for use in projects (SVG / PNG / ICO formats available)
VB6 RichTextBox control
Extending VB6 controls with the Win32 API (archived content)
VB6 reverse DNS
Obtaining PTR records using Visual Basic 6 (archived content)
MOTD maker
Easily create coloured MOTD messages (archived content)
ROT Util
The Caesar cipher in a simple Windows GUI (archived content)

Recent Publications

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(2014). Understanding ransomware. NCC Group.

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