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Eagle library

This page contains my Eagle library. Please let me know if you find it useful, or if you amend any of the parts. I no longer maintain the library as I use a different PCB editor.

The library is currently v5 and contains parts for:

  • An 8x8 LED matrix (LEDM88G from Futurlec)
  • MIC5891 and MIC5821 latched drivers
  • Maxim DS1337 RTC
  • DC jack plug (modified with large holes, suitable for PCB manufacturers who do not mill slots)
  • RFM12 radio module (with pins)
  • Keystone CR123A battery holder
  • Memsic MXC6202 I2C accelerometer
  • ON Semi CAT6219 500mA LDO regulator
  • Texas Instruments TSL2560 / TSL2561 light-to-digital converter
  • Maxim DS620 Low-Voltage, ±0.5°C Accuracy thermometer

All of the libraries, PCBs, schematics and other electronics items on my site are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Please email me if you’d like to use any of these commercially.


Get the library - XML format, suitable for use with Eagle 6+

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