Exporting from Proteus ARES to OSH Park

I have recently started to use Proteus ARES for PCB layout. I regularly order boards from OSH Park but there is a fixed file naming convention for uploaded ZIP files.

Measuring PIC Vdd with no external components using the FVR

Microchip’s Application Note AN1333 hints at a useful technique for measuring the Vdd of a PIC using only the internal Fixed Voltage Reference (FVR) module.

This page explores how to use this for a rough measurement of the current Vdd, saving pins and reducing complexity.

Morse code spooks

After some recent discussions with two friends Rich & Dave I have been playing with WebSDR, decoding all sorts of transmissions using MultiPSK. I have never been particularly interested in amateur or “ham” radio but receiving and decoding signals from around the world is a fun way to pass a cold evening.

There is lots to find: weather information, humorous IRC style chat, worldwide operators trying to reach as far as possible and even digitally coded pictures.

Neat prototyping boards

Today I received some prototyping boards from Mike at White Wing Logic.  These are a little like stripboard/veroboard on steroids, they have footprints for a number of different surface mount parts and connectors with breakout pads.  I have used breadboard or custom PCBs solely for a few years but increasingly packages are only available in surface mount.