Neat prototyping boards

Today I received some prototyping boards from Mike at White Wing Logic.  These are a little like stripboard/veroboard on steroids, they have footprints for a number of different surface mount parts and connectors with breakout pads.  I have used breadboard or custom PCBs solely for a few years but increasingly packages are only available in surface mount.

White Wing Logic prototyping board - top

White Wing Logic prototyping board - bottom

White Wing Logic prototyping board - side by side

Mike’s prototyping boards are available for a reasonable price from his site - mine came within a few days which is impressive with Christmas in the middle.  The one thing which does appear to be missing is some form of USB pad.

Pictures on the website above don’t really do the quality justice, the silkscreen printing and solder resist are really very neat.  I look forward to playing with some TI LED drivers in the next few weeks.

(Please note I have no connection other than as a happy customer!)

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David Cannings
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