dogm ST7565 display modules

I wrote previously that I would review a graphic LCD made by dogm, which was provided by the company so I could update my ST7565 library. These can be bought from Mouser for reasonable prices.

There are a variety of different screens and various coloured stick on LED backlights, including an RGB one. Below you can see the sample GLCD on a breadboard.

dogm module on breadboard

It is much smaller than the other ST7565 modules I have, the whole module is 55mm by 45mm and the display area is approximately 50mm by 30mm.

Above the screen are the 1uF capacitors required for the charge pump (a total of 9 are required). In a proper design these could be small SMD chip capacitors to save space. Below the screen are two resistors fixing the RGB backlight to a soft blue colour. The backlight could easily be driven by transistors to provide colour changing from a microcontroller. The whole thing is driven by a PIC 18F25K22 which has plenty of space for fonts and graphics.

If I was designing a new product right now I would definitely choose one of these. The smaller display and finer pixels mean that both text and graphics look very sharp. The connectors are a sensible 2.54mm (0.1") which means it could easily be plugged into female headers for easy assembly.

As always you can find my ST7565 tutorial on this site, my ST7565 library is on GitHub (documentation here).

Support for these displays was added to my ST7565 library last year (see the specific commit).

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