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PCB0002 - LED matrix

This board came about for two reasons. I wanted to learn about the MIC58x1 shift registers on the electronics side and I liked the challenge of programming a scrolling display with limited resources.  In the end I managed to program a number of effects (fade-in, fade-out, scrolling, reveals etc.) and scroll text, using code which will easily map to a display of any size.

Unfortunately the cheap Chinese 8x8 LED matrix that I bought has a ridiculous pinout, hence the spaghetti routing. If I was going to design a larger matrix (or one with multiple colours) I would definitely pay the extra to get a decent module.


I initally made the circuit on a breadboard, to test a few alternative methods of wiring it up.  Some basic code was needed to make it run, cue a cute little Pacman style ghost.


Images of the silkscreen and routing are below, along with the finished board.

PCB0002 completed
PCB0002 route
PCB0002 silkscreen


A number of people helped through the process of designing the board and code.  In particular, a thread on ETO discussing the options for driving 64 LEDs with less pins was very useful.



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