Updated ST7565 library

I have made a few changes to my ST7565 library, available from GitHub.

Firstly the configuration is now broken out into a new file, so that st7565.h and st7565.c can be overwritten when the library updates without interfering with port settings. A quick fix is included for the dogm displays which appear to reverse the screen in a different way to the previous screen I tested. I will do a full review of the rather nice dogm module at a later date.

Lastly the code to implement page “dirtying” is now written. Only pages which have changes will be sent to the screen, reducing the amount of time it takes to refresh the screen. However this comes at the expense of slower individual pixel writes on the PIC 18F as it doesn’t have a division unit.

David Cannings
David Cannings
Cyber Security

My interests include computer security, digital electronics and writing tools to help analysis of cyber attacks.