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Website spring clean

I’ve given this site a long overdue tidy, finally moving away from Wordpress to a static site.

Hugo is now used instead of Wordpress. This renders Markdown content to HTML files and is a great way to build a secure, responsive site. It’s also blazing fast when generating the static pages.

After some searching I found the theme Academic which works well and is actively maintained. Thanks to George Cushen for creating this.

A lot of images throughout the site come from Pixabay, with minor editing in GIMP.

Some older content has been removed during the cleanup. Comments have also been disabled, I’ll write another post with some reasons at a later date. Lastly the site now lives behind Cloudflare, mostly for the managed DNS and basic security rather than fancy caching.

Unfortunately I still don’t have more time for blogging, but have linked to a few work projects from the main page.

David Cannings
David Cannings
Cyber Security

My interests include computer security, digital electronics and writing tools to help analysis of cyber attacks.