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SiteWizard are annoying spammers

In short: SiteWizard are dirty annoying spammers who try random email addresses to send their silly SEO spam. They need to stop doing this.

How can I be sure that I never signed up for their services? Firstly I never use any email address to register for things, nor is the email address used by the SiteWizard spam published on any website. I do monitor a number of email addresses though to ensure that genuine queries can be answered.

It seems that “Lucy” has a very poor memory, because “she” sends me the same email every few months. She is at least consistent, drinking three coffees every time before deciding to start work. I’ve reproduced the start of this email below.

“Lucy” the spammer

At the bottom of an email is a photo of the supposed “Lucy”, which of course is used to track receipt of these emails. Apparently she “loves to bake”, presumably her knowledge of cookies is a bonus.

There was an interesting post from Adrian Kennard (RevK) about this type of spam written last year. From public information we can easily see that is registered to a “UK Individual”. I use the domain to offer free services to family and a few close friends, there is no company associated with it.

SiteWizard (company registration 03454062) will of course be aware that they shouldn’t be sending this sort of unsolicited direct marketing to individuals who have not subscribed to their services or otherwise given permission.

SiteWizard - please stop this. You can read the relevant UK legislation online. If you don’t I will happily report you to the ICO and your local trading standards office for your annoying spammy behaviour.

I’ve made a couple of notes about <> (I came across your site during my third monday morning coffee!). I hope you’re OK with me dropping you a line, but I have some feedback about your site that might be useful to you.

I work for <> (you might have heard of us, we are a low cost digital marketing company that’s been trading since 1997 and is probably the most recommended web services company in the UK).

I’ve noted down some important things as I looked at your site. I noticed that your TITLE tags and HEADER tags are not optimised for maximum benefit and a few other things that are easy changes that could help too.

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