Humax HDR-FOX T2

I have just purchased a Humax HDR-FOX T2 as an upgrade to my trusty old PVR-9200, after my area was enabled for Freeview HD. What follows is a tiny review based on my experiences.

On first view the interface is much nicer, the new on-screen display packs more information into the same space without compromising how easy it is to use. The remote is less intuitive than the 9200 even though it is very similar, but I have a universal remote that I use instead.

The screen on the front of the unit is slightly easier to read but scrolls, which can be distracting. My wife appreciates the feature that sorts recordings into folders. No more will she need to scroll past pages of Family Guy to view her own choice of recorded TV!

After a few days use I am very pleased. HD channels have perceptibly better image quality, even though I only have a “HD ready” (720p) TV. The Indiana Jones film series was as good as DVD, with 5.1 and nice crisp images.

Later Live.. With Jools Holland is simply superb with a decent surround sound mix straight from the studio. If the BBC starts broadcasting more shows with surround sound of this quality I’ll be very happy (note, excluding The One Show!).

ITV HD could happily be swapped with Film4 (or another Channel 4 variety) as it seems to be a waste of bandwidth.

I haven’t yet tried media streaming from the network and there hasn’t been a Formula 1 Grand Prix since I bought it, which was one of the biggest selling factors. Perhaps an update will follow if either of these disappoint.

The Humax portal needs some more work, whilst iPlayer is very smooth there aren’t very many other options yet. In addition I am unsure if the “record two, watch another” is the same as the older 9200. It seems that if two channels are recording then you can only watch a previously recorded programme. I’ll edit this post if it turns out that assumption is wrong.

In summary this is clearly a worthwhile upgrade, even at £300.

David Cannings
David Cannings
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