More proxy authentication bugs

Apparently there are now testing builds of Firefox that fix some of the bugs I mentioned previously.  These will be in one of the 3.5 releases when they come around.  There is much discussion about what is actually fixed, but for now I am forced to click through many authentication dialogs when I restart Firefox.

The other bug where Firefox would not save the proxy authentication details for one user is implicitly linked to the “remember passwords for sites” option.  Personally I think they should be separate, but as both use HTTP basic authentication there is probably a very good reason for it.

In the spirit of finding more bugs, Rhythmbox also suffers when proxy authentication is enabled.  The error "glib.GError: Proxy Authentication Required" hides on stderr (visible only if you run from the console) when attempting to play stations.  Podcasts generate the cryptic “Error in podcast” (presumably because Squid returns a text/html page with the error details).  Fortunately for radio stations the error is much clearer. The cause of all this pain is a bug in gvfs, noted and fixed in Gnome bugzilla as bug 586922.  Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) is currently in testing and includes these fixes, so I will shortly update and see.

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David Cannings
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