Logic Friday

Today I wanted to quickly calculate a truth table for a simple boolean equation. Whilst this can be done very simply on paper it becomes tedious with lots of inputs. A quick Google search found “Logic Friday”, available at sontrak.com. Boolean operations can be described using logic gates, truth tables or an equation.

Kart Timing Mk1

A basic kart timing system, built from scratch

PCB0001 - 18F breakout

A PIC 18F breakout board, suitable for prototyping

PCB0003 - Breadboard supply

A 5v / 3.3v breadboard power supply circuit

PCB0006 - RFM12 breakout

A breakout for the popular RFM12 radio module

The ST7565 display controller

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PCB0002 - LED matrix

A simple 8x8 LED matrix, with a cute ghost :)

Cooking with gas, my first SMD board

My first bunch of boards arrived back from BatchPCB and I’m really impressed.¬†Great printing for the silkscreen and a really professional looking product.¬†One of the boards I ordered was a breakout board for the SMD PIC 18F2321, the first surface mount board I have tried.

Eagle library

Some useful components for Cadsoft Eagle