Even more bugs that should have died in 2005..! This time it is Gentoo bug 77873. Perhaps there are a glut of bored open source developers who have time to devote to bugs that really aren’t very important ūüėĄ.

O2 iPhone (iOS4) provisioning bug

I finally upgraded my old iPhone 3GS to iOS4, but it wasn’t a smooth process. It seems O2 have a problem with their provisioning process because, after the upgrade, all of the carrier settings had disappeared. There was no way to setup Visual Voicemail in the menu and no internet services worked when I wasn’t on wifi. Every time the phone was plugged into the computer iTunes would say that there was an update for the carrier settings, but it never applied and the menu entries remained blank.

Proxy auth bugs, round three

Another odd bug, this time in the RSS feed reader liferea.¬†Ubuntu bug 208135 has the details, apparently the internal browser does not correctly use the proxy authorisation.¬†However, the actual feed puller does, so this results in odd articles with no images.¬†This is another one which should be fixed in “Karmic Koala”. As for the Rhythmbox bug mentioned previously, that one does not seem to be fixed in current Karmic.

More proxy authentication bugs

Apparently there are now testing builds of Firefox that fix some of the bugs I mentioned previously.¬†These will be in one of the 3.5 releases when they come around.¬†There is much discussion about what is actually fixed, but for now I am forced to click through many authentication dialogs when I restart Firefox. The other bug where Firefox would not save the proxy authentication details for one user is implicitly linked to the “remember passwords for sites” option.

The pains of proxy authentication

A small network I manage uses Squid and today I decided to enable proxy authentication to improve security a little.¬†This was fairly trivial, I ended up using HTTP “basic” authentication and an existing htpasswd style password file. What was not trivial was the amount of bugs this unearthed in little more than 10 minutes.