Reporting a phishing site, is it worth it?

So I thought I was being a good internet citizen when I received the following email a week ago:

Dear User;

Please update to our new server click here to begin

Thanks and have a wonderful day.


The site looked like this:

Screenshot of a phishing website

For a while I was confused, after all I run my own email. Did I really need to remind myself of my password? And what had happened to my unlimited quota?

Then I figured it was obviously a phishing email, so I turned to “do no evil” Google to report it. If the site was included on their block list then users of popular browsers would automatically receive a warning if they tried to go to it.

I tried using the Google report phishing form, even filling in the headers and body of the email in the comments box. Unfortunately, a week later the site is still up and presumably conning less savvy users.

Surprised by Google I’ve just tried the report feature, let’s hope it works slightly more efficiently!