New GPG key

I have updated my GPG key, revoking ID 0x35076cbaa663a704 and replacing it with 0x57974c5b48a00d9b (find it on keyservers).

Why I disabled comments

During the recent site cleanup I decided to disable comments and remove (most) previous comments from the site. This post explains my reasoning.

Website spring clean

I’ve given this site a long overdue tidy, finally moving away from Wordpress to a static site.

The EU Referendum

This post is entirely based on my opinions. If you don’t want to read a post about my opinions there are plenty of excellent videos on YouTube. You have been warned.

Amex: How to fail at running a survey

Banks and financial institutions are constantly giving out advice about email safety, helping customers to avoid phishing scams. Make sure the email is genuine, don’t click on links, never give your personal information away online. Sensible advice, unless the financial institution doesn’t make it easy to actually verify their emails.

SiteWizard are annoying spammers

In short: SiteWizard are dirty annoying spammers who try random email addresses to send their silly SEO spam. They need to stop doing this.

New WordPress template for the site

I have updated the template for this site to use the Responsive theme from ThemeID. The theme is one of the most downloaded in the WordPress theme library and seems to scale really well for screen size, including on phones and tablets. It is also wider and long posts that contain code and images look much better. Thanks ThemeID!

Humax HDR-FOX T2

I have just purchased a Humax HDR-FOX T2 as an upgrade to my trusty old PVR-9200, after my area was enabled for Freeview HD. What follows is a tiny review based on my experiences.


I have previously raved about BatchPCB, a low cost prototyping service run by SparkFun out of the USA. However, it seems that you now can’t select shipping to the UK (and perhaps other parts of Europe) and they don’t seem to be doing too much about it. I emailed a few weeks ago and have received no reply, so all I have to go on is a few posts on their forums which confirm I’m not the only one experiencing the issue.

O2 iPhone (iOS4) provisioning bug

I finally upgraded my old iPhone 3GS to iOS4, but it wasn’t a smooth process. It seems O2 have a problem with their provisioning process because, after the upgrade, all of the carrier settings had disappeared. There was no way to setup Visual Voicemail in the menu and no internet services worked when I wasn’t on wifi. Every time the phone was plugged into the computer iTunes would say that there was an update for the carrier settings, but it never applied and the menu entries remained blank.