New GPG key

I have updated my GPG key, revoking ID 0x35076cbaa663a704 and replacing it with 0x57974c5b48a00d9b (find it on keyservers).

Solving Suko with pysmt

In a waiting room this week I opened a newspaper to find the following puzzle, named “Suko” (a trademark of Puzzler).

libnids on 64-bit architecture machines

A quick note for anybody using libnids on a 64-bit machine (AMD64), you will need to compile with -fno-strict-aliasing if you use optimisation at -O2 or above. Without it libnids will silently fail to provide you any data.

Logic Friday

Today I wanted to quickly calculate a truth table for a simple boolean equation. Whilst this can be done very simply on paper it becomes tedious with lots of inputs. A quick Google search found “Logic Friday”, available at Boolean operations can be described using logic gates, truth tables or an equation.

Goodbye, clamav

Today I removed clamav from my VPS, which was built into the mail service I run. There are a small number of users and a few thousand messages a week - I liked that I was probably offering some small protection to those people. However all have endpoint anti-virus and most are wise enough to know about malicious email attachments.

Forcing SSL browsing in Apache

The Apache vhost configuration snippet below will force any non-SSL requests for a website to be rewritten to an HTTPS site instead. This is useful to ensure that clients cannot accidentally browse an insecure site, but they don’t have to remember or bookmark a particular URL. I use it for, click the link to see it in action. ServerName ServerAlias ServerAlias RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !on RewriteRule ^/(.


Even more bugs that should have died in 2005..! This time it is Gentoo bug 77873. Perhaps there are a glut of bored open source developers who have time to devote to bugs that really aren’t very important 😄.

More dead bugs

Another new year, another bug from the past. The last one was from 2007 but this beats it by over a year. I haven’t used KDE or Konqueror for a few years now, but I hope the resolution of KDE bug 120138 brings happiness to someone.

Where bugs go to die

I was surprised today to receive an email about a bug. In itself this isn’t uncommon, but I didn’t remember the bug very well. The bug in question is Wireshark bug #1850. I was using tshark for a work project and lacked the skills to fix it myself. Why was it a surprise? I reported it on 2007-09-17 14:01 PDT. Even allowing for Pacific Daylight Time that’s a rather long time ago.

Highlighting admin comments in the Responsive theme

One thing I like about some blogs is that you can easily see when the admin has replied to comments. It is easy to tweak the Responsive theme to change the colour of these comments by including a few lines of CSS. Click on “Appearance -> Theme Options” in the WordPress admin section, then expand the “Custom CSS Styles” section. You should put the CSS here instead of editing the theme because it will persist when you upgrade the theme.