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Logic Friday

Today I wanted to quickly calculate a truth table for a simple boolean equation. Whilst this can be done very simply on paper it becomes tedious with lots of inputs. A quick Google search found "Logic Friday", available at

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Video 1 - Hand SMD assembly and frying pan reflow

People often ask how I assemble SMD boards, the video below is sped up to 20x and demonstrates the process. It takes a few minutes to dab some solder paste on each pad, then parts are placed using anti-magnetic tweezers.

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Updated ST7565 library

I have made a few changes to my ST7565 library, available from github. Firstly the configuration is now broken out into a new file, so that st7565.h and st7565.c can be overwritten when the library updates without interfering with port

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Right angle corners for PCB traces

There is a lot of myth and misconception about whether right angle (90°), chamfered (45°) or curved PCB traces are "better".  One of the often quoted "facts" is that right angles are bad for signal propagation or radiated RF emissions. I

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The ST7565 display controller

I have moved the contents of this post to a permanent page, available at this page.

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Eagle outline for the Evatron PC00 series enclosure

I found a neat plastic enclosure with a battery compartment that I plan on using for a current project. It is made by Evatron and comes from the PC00 series (I picked a PC003N). Below is a ZIP file containing

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Updated Eagle library posted

I have just uploaded the latest version of my Eagle library, containing a bunch of new parts.  These include: Maxim DS1337 RTC RFM12 radio module (with pins) Keystone CR123A battery holder Memsic MXC6202 I2C accelerometer ON Semi CAT6219 500mA LDO

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PCB0002 - LED matrix

It has been ages since I have updated this site. I have started to document some of the PCBs I have created The first is an 8x8 LED matrix, with code for some whizzy effects. More information and downloads on

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Cooking with gas, my first SMD board

My first bunch of boards arrived back from BatchPCB and I'm really impressed.  Great printing for the silkscreen and a really professional looking product.  One of the boards I ordered was a breakout board for the SMD PIC 18F2321, the

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Using the hardware USART with BoostC and a PIC

This post looks at what is needed to get a serial connectiong working with BoostC using a PIC with a hardware USART. A later post will cover the BoostC software implementation, when I have finished figuring it out. By the

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