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Ticketweb followup

Ticketweb (a UK arm of Ticketmaster) have confirmed that someone was able to send emails to subscribers fraudulently. Their initial response was covered on the Naked Security blog. A second email was sent out this evening: One part which stands

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Ticketmaster / Ticketweb hacked?

This afternoon I received an email with the spammy subject "Action Required : Update Your PDF Application".  I almost ignored it until I noticed that the link inside pointed to a domain owned by Ticketmaster. As I have shopped with

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Reporting a phishing site, is it worth it?

So I thought I was being a good internet citizen when I received the following email a week ago: Dear User; Please update to our new server click here to begin Thanks and have a wonderful day. Webmaster The

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Net::LibNIDS 0.1 released

The other day I pushed a new version of Net::LibNIDS to CPAN. It interfaces with the C library libnids in order to provide TCP stream reassembly and returns the data to your Perl callback.

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Better than grep

Anybody who has used command-line systems for a serious amount of time will love grep. But today I stumbled across ack, which (for many things) is better than grep and a whole lot nicer to use. The best bit? It's

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Updates to libnids

Much of the code I have written as part of my day job uses the rather excellent libnids.  However, there are a few bugs in version 1.23 relating to packets with radiotap headers or code which tries to read from

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