Video 1 - Hand SMD assembly and frying pan reflow

People often ask how I assemble SMD boards, the video below is sped up to 20x and demonstrates the process. It takes a few minutes to dab some solder paste on each pad, then parts are placed using anti-magnetic tweezers. Finally the whole lot is carefully put into a frying pan and heated quickly over a gas hob.

Don't share the frying pan with anything else - you don't want to be mixing solder and your sausages!

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One comment on “Video 1 - Hand SMD assembly and frying pan reflow
  1. RB says:


    Interesting video! I'd like to give SMD a go with a board I need to miniaturize, but I'm left with a couple of questions after watching your video..

    Firstly, is temperature control of the pan particularly important? The paste I am looking at says it melts at ~190C - are you using a thermometer or just putting the pan on maximum heat? Have you had any problems with de-lamination or other heat damage?

    Secondly, how long are you leaving the PCB in the pan? It's a bit difficult to gauge it from the sped up video. I assume you just take the pan off the heat as soon as the paste has all reflowed?

    Lastly, you mention you are using `ChipQuik` but they seem to have a variety of products. I was going to buy this product which looks like the same as what you have in the video -


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