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Better than grep

Anybody who has used command-line systems for a serious amount of time will love grep. But today I stumbled across ack, which (for many things) is better than grep and a whole lot nicer to use. The best bit? It's

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Cooking with gas, my first SMD board

My first bunch of boards arrived back from BatchPCB and I'm really impressed.  Great printing for the silkscreen and a really professional looking product.  One of the boards I ordered was a breakout board for the SMD PIC 18F2321, the

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I am not a photographer

During a recent conversation with another Dave he pointed me at the Facebook group "No, you're not a photographer, you just own a camera" (update May 2011: this no longer exists).  Whilst I don't agree with most of the comments

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Limiting command runtime in Linux

It is sometimes useful to limit the running time of a process, either to stop it from using up all resources or to make sure nightly cron jobs don't continue into working hours. I needed this for rsync, to let

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