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Proxy auth bugs, round three

Another odd bug, this time in the RSS feed reader liferea.  Ubuntu bug 208135 has the details, apparently the internal browser does not correctly use the proxy authorisation.  However, the actual feed puller does, so this results in odd articles

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More proxy authentication bugs

Apparently there are now testing builds of Firefox that fix some of the bugs I mentioned previously.  These will be in one of the 3.5 releases when they come around.  There is much discussion about what is actually fixed, but

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The pains of proxy authentication

A small network I manage uses Squid and today I decided to enable proxy authentication to improve security a little.  This was fairly trivial, I ended up using HTTP "basic" authentication and an existing htpasswd style password file. What was

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DIY pcb making - my first board

After getting back into electronics recently, I decided to have a go at making a PCB.  A friend pointed me to Pulsar Pro FX, a special toner release paper. I learned a few things along the way

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